The portfolio of a content and design strategist
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Building a design + strategy agency to take on any beast of a challenge


Anybeast is a design consultancy featuring a trifecta of disciplines we believe are essential components to design and business strategy – content, product and visual design.

By positioning ourselves as deep end swimmers and future focused pragmatists, we partnered with a handful of Fortune 500 companies to help them prepare for major disruptions in their industries through design solutions. We also had a lot of fun with our branding.


/client: Ourselves
/date: 2016
/role: Content and Design Strategist
/disciplines: content strategy, creative direction, design strategy, research, branding
/assets: designed by Seth Whitton


Working alongside visual, UX and product designers, I helped a major American car brand strategize about its future business opportunities, as well as design for future user needs. I also worked with a major fashion brand to increase app traffic and customer retention.